PTIP-32: Ethereum Operations Team

Verified on Sybil

address: 0x3F0556bCA55Bdbb78A9316936067a47fd4C4C4f4

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I’m going to let this percolate a little longer to allow those listed above to respond with their addresses and verify on Sybil.

The poll to determine our first meeting is learning towards an in-person discussion. What we can do is have an in-person discussion then take notes for those that want to read later.

The Ethereum Operations Team has been added to a Gnosis Safe. The members are:

  • Gio.eth: 0x1dBFBAeBC6070f14ae8294ab01252B36d962bf4E
  • Aodhgan: 0x3F0556bCA55Bdbb78A9316936067a47fd4C4C4f4
  • Brendan: 0xA57D294c3a11fB542D524062aE4C5100E0E373Ec
  • Pierrick: 0xD70804463bb2760c3384Fc87bBe779e3D91BaB3A
  • TheRealTuna: 0xa31c2232842e631cCb2d2E4110B356Bab21E6020
  • McOso: 0xd095E0f8C72E22319846b643c4bac0caC1f67006

The Safe requires 4/6 confirmations.

The Safe’s address is 0x5Be7BbaFc73eF2a0928A793169771663a5815D48

Next steps:

  1. I’m going to write up what the “job” is. What exactly does the Eth Ops. Team need to do.
  2. I’m going to write up the work schedule. How do the members coordinate to accomplish the job.
  3. I’m going create an. ETH ops role in Discord and tag all of you. We’ll have a channel where we can have ops discussions.

Stay tuned.

Edit: here is a draft of the Ethereum Operations Team manual


Would it make sense to have a conversation with the Multisafe team? It might be pretty interesting in terms of the ongoing operational/organizational capabilities that are needed to get this underway.

We’re going to keep things simple for the time being. The operations teams are so new I’d rather not add another variable to the mix.

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Today I’m going to start working on the technical details of the PTIP.

With one quick note: the Chainlink dapp still does not support WalletConnect, so we can’t use the Gnosis Safe directly.

What we’ll do instead is each month one member will check the balances, then request to pull funds out of the Safe in order to top-up funds. This minimizes friction and still mitigates risk.

I’ll update the Ops Manual accordingly.

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Ok. Concordo com a iniciativa e devemos sempre cooperar com quem desenvolve propostas interessantes para a comunidade