PTIP-32: Ethereum Operations Team

I’m definitely interested in being a part of this multi-sig.

This is another step in further decentralizing the protocol.


I would be willing to participate in the multisig!


You can count me in!


I’m all for maximum decentralization, especially given recent events.
Any hint of centralization is potentially problematic, so this is awesome and greatly appreciated.

The choices are excellent as well.


I would be interested in being on the multisig. Also, I think it is important to clarify multisig member compensation in the PTIP. We never really laid that out in the POOL buyback PTIP so myself and the other two members are unsure in that area.

great to see this progress towards decentralization.


I’d be happy to also be on the multisig if it can help further the protocol toward decentralization.


Having helped design and implement the Upkeep system and involved in ongoing PT operations I think it makes sense for me to be added to the Multisig.


I think it is important to clarify multisig member compensation in the PTIP

I do agree that we need to have a discussion around compensation, but I think it’s too early to be talking about it. We don’t know exactly how much work this is going to be or how involved the members are.


I’m pleased with the responses so far! The turnout is better than I expected. We will likely want to increase the required # of confirmations, possibly to 2/3 of membership. Then a supermajority is required to make changes, and we have some redundancy.

I’m going to work on some preliminary planning for:

  1. Team purpose (our responsibilities)
  2. Team process (frequency of meetings, how to handle AWOL members etc)
  3. Expectations of team members

I’ll update the PTIP draft when it’s ready.

Once we’ve all reviewed the draft, we should finalize the PTIP. Ideally, I’d like to have a Zoom meeting during business hours. However, I want to take a poll to see what people have an appetite for:

  • Let’s have a Zoom call sometime between 12pm EST - 6pm EST
  • Let’s just post our comments here in the forum post
  • Let’s have a Discord call sometime between 12pm EST - 6pm EST

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I’ve added additional details to the PTIP. I have clarified:

  • Budget
  • Responsibilities
  • Membership
  • Process

Would the above listed team members please respond with the address that they will use for the multisig. Specifically @TheRealTuna @McOso @Taliskye @aodhgan @Pierrick @Gio.eth

This address must be verified on

I will be using address 0xa38445311cCd04a54183CDd347E793F4D548Df3F (asselstine.eth)

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I will be using 0xD70804463bb2760c3384Fc87bBe779e3D91BaB3A


I just verified on Sybil.

I’ll be using 0x1dBFBAeBC6070f14ae8294ab01252B36d962bf4E (gio.eth).


Thank you for your interesting suggestions.
This is an important proposal from the perspective of decentralization.

While the pod batching is reasonable, I thought the prize pool working capital is high.

I guess that it is necessary to consider reducing working capital for prize pools.


I will be using 0xa31c2232842e631ccb2d2e4110b356bab21e6020 (therealtuna.eth) and will verify on sybil this evening.

Now Verified.


Rewarding the prize pool is fairly gas intensive, and Ethereum gas prices fluctuate significantly.

Something I didn’t mention is that we can use Sablier to stream the funds to the multisig. This allows governance to stream the budget to the team, but have the ability to cancel it later if needed.

It would work like so:

  1. Governance transfers an up-front amount for the first month of rewards. Say $8000. This allows the team to kick-start operations.
  2. Governance sets up a Sablier stream for a full year of budget: $100,000 over twelve months.

The team can pull funds from the stream as needed, and governance can pull the plug on the team if things go wrong.

I’ll amend the proposal with the above changes.

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Okay looks like I gotta finally make a Twitter now :rofl:

I will be back from vacation on the 20th and will be able to get verified then.

The address I will be using is: 0xd095E0f8C72E22319846b643c4bac0caC1f67006

Looking forward to this!


I’m Also interested to participate and contribute to multi-sig if there is any available spots. Let me know

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Verified on Sybil

address: 0x3F0556bCA55Bdbb78A9316936067a47fd4C4C4f4

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I’m going to let this percolate a little longer to allow those listed above to respond with their addresses and verify on Sybil.

The poll to determine our first meeting is learning towards an in-person discussion. What we can do is have an in-person discussion then take notes for those that want to read later.

The Ethereum Operations Team has been added to a Gnosis Safe. The members are:

  • Gio.eth: 0x1dBFBAeBC6070f14ae8294ab01252B36d962bf4E
  • Aodhgan: 0x3F0556bCA55Bdbb78A9316936067a47fd4C4C4f4
  • Brendan: 0xA57D294c3a11fB542D524062aE4C5100E0E373Ec
  • Pierrick: 0xD70804463bb2760c3384Fc87bBe779e3D91BaB3A
  • TheRealTuna: 0xa31c2232842e631cCb2d2E4110B356Bab21E6020
  • McOso: 0xd095E0f8C72E22319846b643c4bac0caC1f67006

The Safe requires 4/6 confirmations.

The Safe’s address is 0x5Be7BbaFc73eF2a0928A793169771663a5815D48

Next steps:

  1. I’m going to write up what the “job” is. What exactly does the Eth Ops. Team need to do.
  2. I’m going to write up the work schedule. How do the members coordinate to accomplish the job.
  3. I’m going create an. ETH ops role in Discord and tag all of you. We’ll have a channel where we can have ops discussions.

Stay tuned.

Edit: here is a draft of the Ethereum Operations Team manual