PTIP-21: Split COMP in prizes equally


Simple Summary

Change parameter on all governance run prize pools to split the accrued COMP evenly across all winners rather than giving it to the single “Grand Prize” winner.


Increase chances for smaller depositors to win larger prizes.


POOL governance is currently focused on increasing prize distribution to more depositors. One very simple way to do this is to split the accrued COMP across all winners instead of just the single “grand prize” winner. This is especially helpful in cases like the UNI and COMP prize pools where the vast majority of the prize value is in the accrued COMP.

Making this change means there is a greater distribution of prizes each week which increases the odds for smaller depositors to win more.

Technical Specification

The prize strategy contract for each prize pool has a function to enable this. This function simply needs to be turned on for each prize strategy contract (USDC, Dai, COMP, UNI)


Since this is a small change it most likely should be batched together with additional upcoming governance proposals focused on the same goals.

  • Yes, split COMP among all winners
  • No, keep as is

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