POOL pool reward distribution

The main reason I like having more winners is that they are also winning voting power and I like spreading that around. My choice would either be for No winners or if there are winners we should spread it out to several(Having winners is more fun though). Gas is less of a concern than fair distribution of voting power in my opinion.

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Agreed, Tuna. selfishly i also want a chance to win a sizable prize. i will still be kind of a fish in the pool pool ya know. i wont earn many pool tokens still. i only have 200 POOL

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After thinking about it some more, I now support a drip rate of 255 POOL/day (possibly split between drip and prize).
What has changed for me is that I am now thinking about it as a mechanism to distribute POOL to the community, instead of an expense.

One thing that I only realized today, is that we actually do want to get a significant amount of POOL into circulation, as this is what was assumed during the distribution of POOL to core team members and Pooltogether Inc. investors. Together they have 20% of the token supply. If for example 50% of all POOL would just stay in the treasury forever, that would put their share at 40% artificially.

So the question isn’t really DO we distribute POOL, but more about HOW do we distribute the POOL to longterm aligned users. Due to the large and long early exit fee, the POOL pool could offer that.

Another good way of targeting people that value the protocol could be @gabor’s airdrop proposal: Extraordinary Airdrop to Governance Participants


Agree! I’ve changed my mind too.(我也改变了我的看法)

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let’s have a poll on both then :slight_smile:


Great discussions here! I know there are many varied opinions but we also need to move forward with something so I’m going to go out on a limb here and try to corral them to a starting place:

Prize Pool Parameters:

  • Weekly prize (aligned with all other current prize pools)
  • Early exit fee starting at 10% and decaying to 0% over 28 days
  • 1 winner, 200 POOL per week

POOL faucet distribution:

  • 100 POOL per day. Assuming there is 200,000 POOL deposited that equates to an effective APR of 18.25%. I think this is a good distribution that rewards holders but does not skew incentives too much.


  • The voting power of the POOL deposited will be delegated to a multi-sig address, that multi-sig is then trusted to vote on accordance with what the depositors signal via snapshot (for gas free voting)
  • I’d propose it’s a 2 of 3 multi-signature wallet with two PT community representatives and one core team member
  • We also need to determine a “quorum” for the snapshot. This is following the same model used by Compound for the UNI lending market. I would propose a quorum of 20% (Compound | Proposal Detail #29)
  • Alternatively we could launch the prize pool without vote delegation and add that later.

Sounds good to me :+1:
If the size of the POOL pool becomes large, we can always increase the drip rate.


So what’s next ? we need someone to wirte down the proposal ? or we are at poll stage ?

can we use part of the prize for this, assuming 150k total prize a week, take only 8.5% as tax from this can pay support incentive for Pool pool, leaving treasury untouch. lets avoid fast release of supply in circulation.

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i think 3 winner is better than 1 winner.

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With low gas fees i agree but right now from a cost perspective it’s probably better to have only 1


I would rather have a trickle of winnings and avoid gas expense. Even though I have such a small stake in the pools. Chances of me ever winning are slim. I prefer to support the pool together network. That said, would it be possible to Integrate L2 so as to significantly lower gas fees and integrate the ability to roll the drippings back into the pooled tokens staked? If that were a gasless attribute would that be considered a step that might introduce Centralization?


Currently PoolTogether is on Polygon (Matic). I believe BSC is in the works - 2 weeks off maybe. And Optimism is another I heard is in the works. So they are definitely on their way.


@gabor I think airdrops are a great incentive for folks who are active in the community. Drip and airdrops are a great way (IMO) to rewards active users and incentivizes them, to bring even more liquidity to the various pools.


So if pooltogether is on L2 Polygon then how much have the gas fees been reduced and would that allow for 3 winners? Or are gas fees for 1 winner vs 3 winners still a reasonable concern such that we want to keep 1 winner.

The standard Ethereum gas fee applies when bridging over to Polygon. Once on Polygon, transactions are less than a penny usually. The DAI prize pool on Polygon is currently awarding 10 winners. I haven’t checked the cost for that award but it certainly doesn’t seem to as prohibitive.

Edit: RE: Airdrops, the only future airdrop currently being considered is a retro-airdrop to distribute POOL to those that should have gotten POOL but were missed by a query glitch in the original Airdrop.