New Proposal Rewards

Lets say a proposal is positioned and and it gains enough traction that it is presented to the community as something to vote on, I think it would be cool if the Author would be rewarded in pool tokens if the proposal is adopted.

We could vote on if the reward to be Standardized meaning we could all vote on a set amount as the reward. Or the author could include how much pool they would like written into their proposal- being mindful that the reward it self could play a role in the adoption.

In the case of delegates, using smart contracts pools can be distributed to all who have delegated to said author. The Delegate author getting some type of percentage before the distribution I think sounds fair.

As i am not super familiar with how Pool is minted and the economics of such, is this even possible? Personally I think its a cool way to incentivize new bold ideas.




What I’ve seen work in other protocols is to set up a rewards team (Initially from the core team), who look at overall contribution from community members and then allocate rewards to them each month.

Proposals are easy to do, but there is also value in supporting newbies, marketing, building links with other protocols, running contributor meetings, forum participation, graphic design… It’s impossible to be rigid in recognising where value is being added to the community.

INDEXcoop started with the following: system which has been rolling every month since: October Rewards Distribution & Methodology - Organization - The Index Coop

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