Missing ~$4 Million USDC

The answer to this may lie in the Discord, however I do not think that should be the only place this is discussed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but every moment that the ~4M USDC is not in the governance controlled reserve pool, the protocol is losing money. This becomes a bigger issue the longer it goes unresolved.

We are award of this. Please see PTIP-17: Sponsorship

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Yes, thanks for asking! To be clear, it was never missing, it was in the protocol treasure, you can see it here: Timelock | 0x42cd8312D2BCe04277dD5161832460e95b24262E

It was posted last week that this should be moved to sponsorship: PTIP-17: Deposit USDC into USDC Prize Pool Sponsorship - #3 by Brendan

And as of today it is up for vote: PoolTogether Vote

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I had forgot that I read that post by @Brendan last week; I edited my post to reflect that and to read less confrontational, apologies. I appreciate your reply, and the proposal going up.


I want to get that sponsorship in there just as much as you! :slight_smile:

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