March 28, 29 & April 1 2022 - Bridging Liquidity to Polygon, Ghost rule applied

Bridging 30k USDC to guarantee we have enough prize liquidity to sustain us to the passing of PTIP-67, then bridging 200k USDC following the passing of the PTIP

MAIN Gnosis Safe

Nonce 60 withdrawERC20 - withdraw PTaUSDC from prize distributor
Nonce 61 withdrawFrom - withdraw 30,000 USDC
Nonce 62 approve - approve the Polygon bridge for 30,000 USDC
Nonce 63 depositFor - bridge 30,000 USDC to our Polygon safe

Nonce 64 - withdrawFrom the YieldSourcePrizePool, 200k USDC
Nonce 65 - approve on USDC token for the Polygon TokenProxy contract to spend 200k USDC
Nonce 66 - depositFor 200k USDC to our Polygon safe address

POLY Gnosis Safe

Nonce 38 depositTo - deposit 30,000 USDC to the prize distributor
Nonce 39 depositTo on the YieldSourcePrizePool, depositing 29970000000 to the prize distributor *correction for incorrect amt on 38

Nonce 40 - depositTo 200k to YieldSourcePrizePool with the PTaUSDC going to the PrizeDistributor

Adhogan was removed from all chains in accordance with the ghost rule. Confirmations required updated to 7/11 - Nonce 24 AVAX, Nonce 37 POLY, Nonce 59 ETH

Queued: underthesea
Signers: Pierrick, Kames, Leighton, Lonser, TheRealTuna, Hook, McOso, Gio.eth, Brendan, drcpu
Executed: underthesea

ETH: 0.06635101174
MATIC: 0.0664250
AVAX: 0.007375


Yeah knew this was coming - I dont have Discord notifications switched on anymore so had no insight. Godspeed.