Liquid Staking to Boost Prizes

Accepting Pool Togethers own Staking Derivative where the yield generated is distributed in prizes to depositors.

Suggested Starting Network: Avalanche


  • Allow exposure to base assets such as AVAX (ETH once merge + withdraws enabled), giving users more options.
  • Pool Together can charge a % of the yield to generate sustainable revenue for itself, allowing users of the pool to directly support Pool Together.
  • All staked AVAX goes straight towards Pool Togethers TVL

Why Avalanche:

  • Withdraws are enabled (Funds can be delegated for 14 days, so low risk withdrawls)
  • APY is strong at ~ 7% for 14 day delegations
  • Cheap network fees, and a good opportunity to grow the Avalanche product offering & TVL.

How can this be implemented:

  • Geode Finance is the infrastrucutre provider behind Yield Yaks recent liquid staking offering (Yield Yak | Earn More Yield)
  • Integrating with Geode Finance will give Pool Together their own Liquid Staking solution with their own staking derivative.

Why Geode Finance?

  • They’re the only protocol to offer liquid staking infrastructure to other DAOs
  • It removes any development costs
  • They don’t charge any fees or revenue share for their infrastructure
  • New but legit Protocol (MCC portfolio company) + integrated with Yield Yak, a top 10 Defi protocol on Avalanche.
  • Main team members doxed