Generation's PoolTogether V5 Launch Plan

Generation Software will be deploying PoolTogether V5 across a number of chains in Q3 2023. We will deploy one chain at a time, to ensure that everything is running smoothly on one chain before moving onto the next. The following dates are the new target dates we’re shooting for.


GS committed to a set of deliverables in PTBR-2, let’s quickly review them below!

Smart Contracts

On each chain, GS will deploy the Prize Pool contract (along with the supporting contracts) and the corresponding vault factory contracts. This will allow anyone to create new Vaults using ERC-4626 compliant tokens and plug them into the Prize Pool.


GS will publish open-source bots that allow developers to capture incentives in the PT V5 protocol. These incentives are what tick the state machine over, so it’s critical that they run properly.

Initially, GS will run these bots to ensure the system ticks over. Once there is sufficient yield, there should be sufficient incentives for 3rd-parties to run the bots.

Suite of Tools

GS will also host a suite of apps that allow users to interact with the PoolTogether V5 protocol. This suite of apps will be collectively named “Cabana”. We decided to use a separate name to ensure that users understand that it’s a tool maintained by a different entity than the PoolTogether protocol. There will be three core apps:

  • Cabana Factory: an app to create new Vault contracts using the PoolTogether V5 Vault Factory
  • Cabana Lists: an app to create Vault Lists, so users can combine their favourite Vaults into a list.
  • Cabana: an app that lets users import their Vault Lists and interact with Vaults.

Call to Action for Vault Lists

Vault lists will become the primary way in which users discover Vaults. Anyone will be able to create vaults and vault lists. Users will be able to add vault lists to the app so that they can customize their experience.

We encourage the PoolTogether community to create and share vault lists; or even have a single community vault list. We could even link the app to a #vault-lists channel in the PoolTogether Discord, where people can post their lists.

Generation Software will manage a default vault list, so that the tool isn’t empty when users open it. GS will have full discretion over this list.


Aug 14 - Launch on Optimism

  • Launch Daily Prize Pool
  • Launch Vault Factory
  • Cabana will by default have Aave V3 prize vaults. We’ll start with wETH and USDC and can add more as demand desires.

Aug 21 - Launch on Arbitrum

  • Launch Daily Prize Pool
  • Launch Vault Factory
  • Cabana will by default have Aave V3 prize vaults. We’ll start with wETH and USDC and can add more as demand desires.

Aug 28 - Launch on Ethereum

  • Launch Bi-weekly Prize Pool
  • Launch Vault Factory
  • Cabana will by default have Aave V3 prize vaults. We’ll start with wETH and USDC and can add more as demand desires.

Sep 1 - Launch on Base

  • Launch Daily Prize Pool
  • Launch Vault Factory

Sep 21 - Launch on zkSync

  • Launch Daily Prize Pool
  • Launch Vault Factory


We’re very close now. The team is extremely excited to launch the V5 prize pools and allow anyone to start creating new Vaults and adding them to the network.

If anyone has any questions, please ask away!


Hey, big thx for the updated timeline! :slight_smile:
Just asking for clarification, Aave V3 does not natively support ERC-4626 and we would use the audited wrapped Version by Superform, right?
I just think we should make this clear to people, if they ask :slight_smile:

Really hyped already and looking forward trying out the V5 HyperStructure! :slight_smile:


This is the wrapper I’m looking at

It’s been audited by yAcademy, and another firm whose name escapes me.

We can always launch new vaults though :slight_smile:


Ah, kk, thx for the info! :slight_smile:
Yeah, Vault looking good and cool to see there are already some other nice yield protocols like Compound, Euler and Lido in the same repo! :slight_smile:


I cannot wait until we launch V5 on the first chain, so excitingggggg.

This will be really good to have. A community curated vault list! I’m stoked.

This suite of tools is sweet. Loving Generation Software’s work already. <3
Being able to create new vaults, vault lists and importing them is awesome.

Amazing work! Props to the whole GS team.
This is fantastic.


Thanks for the update, Brendan!

Veeery excited! This probably means we should get a few proposals in front of governance. Some onchain actions that come to mind:

  • Do we need any POOL for liquidity or to top-up the liquidator?
  • Do we want to move all V4 subsidies to V5 for soft launch?
  • Do we need a proposal to move the delegation budget or is the mandate of the Exec Team sufficient enough?
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Hey folks!

We have several important updates regarding the V5 launch regarding timing and deliverables.


The audit mitigations are taking longer than expected. A number of issues have needed much more time than expected, and we still have a large backlog of minor issues to tackle. Additionally, we didn’t schedule enough time for the mitigation review by Code Arena.

This means we’re going to have to push the launch date further. Our goal is to prioritize security rather than rushing to launch.

Our new launch date for the Beta launch on Optimism is now August 30.


The upcoming launch on Optimism is called the Beta launch, and there will be a detailed post on it shortly! The launch is being planned by the ad-hoc Beta Launch Team; which is a team comprised of members of the Growth Team, Community Team, and Generation Software.

The Beta Launch Team believes we need to focus all of our efforts on making the Beta launch on Optimism a success, so Generation is going to adjust its deliverables for Q3. Rather than launch on L2s in quick succession, we are going to focus our efforts on the one launch to ensure its success.

Specific additional deliverables:

  • Port the multi-delegator app and smart contracts over to V5
  • Build monitoring tools that allow us to measure the efficiency and operation of the V5 deployment (draws, prize claims, and liquidations). These tools will be essential for V5 health-checks.

Hate to push the dates out for launch, and post-pone launches on other L2s, but we need to get this right!