(Draft) Dune Analytics Bounty!

We’d like to create a Dune Analytics dashboard to track key metrics for the protocol, those should include:

  1. Total assets deposited
  2. Number of unique wallets holding tickets (PcDai)
  3. Total value of prizes awarded
  4. Daily unique withdrawals
  5. Daily unique deposits

Each of these metrics should be viewable over time so we can gauge how they are increasing or decreasing.


This is a great idea, I’m a frequent user of dune dashboards.

I see that there has been one created here: https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/sar_test


oh yes! This looks like a great start… I wonder who made this and if they can finish it!

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Hey this is me, I posted in the developer channel on discord about helping out on Sunday. This represents the progress I’ve made so far. I only have access to the DAI pool information from dune right now. I’ve sent in the USDC pool for decoding (should be 24 hours), and once I get that back I’ll send the other two. All of these metrics look really easy with what I have right now, the only problem I’m having is the loot box tokens other than COMP, maybe we can talk more in DMs on discord. sarfang#6606 on there.


Amazing!! You did great work! This will be super helpful for the community!

In terms of the Loot Box, I’d probably just say don’t worry about including it. @chuckbergeron or @Brendan might have ideas on how to pull that data easily.

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new url here: PooltogetherV3

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Looking good. Thank you.

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I’ve added graphics for the USDC pool now. I’ve also included the COMP tokens into the prizes. Next steps are getting the UNI and COMP pools decoded by dune and adding those into the system. Once that is done I’ll make some graphics that combine all the data from all the pools. Visualization does not look super pretty yet but more focused on getting all the correct information first, cleanup will be last.

I think I have made a graphic for every point listed in the original post, so let me know if there is anything else you want to see.

use this new link to view dashboard without logging in: Dune

This was the first thing that came to my mind - how would you calculate the unit price (and continually follow that) of the loot box (example if holding unopened NFT card packs or artworks). Best left out or what might look better is a set value calculated once only at the date of first released (example like an appraisal done pre-auction). :man_shrugging: