Distribute part of prices to POOL token holders

I think it would be dramatically helpful for marketing of PoolTogether and the POOL token if a small percentage of each price would be distributed to POOL token holders.

The idea is simple, similar to the discussion in the Topic “Reserve Rates” I believe this is about human psychology.

It sells well if you can say nobody loses AND everyone that really likes the idea and owns some POOL tokens wins (apart from the big prize winners).

SushiSwap proves that this strategy works, at least for marketing.

Onboarding new people and incentivizing them to hold some POOL tokens is really valuable, as it also drives POOL token prize up.

Increasing the value of POOL tokens would open up a wide variety of future actions, such as selling a tiny part of them and increase the reserve etc. to then increase prizes.

Since the agreed upon reserve rates discussion seems to be turning out to 30%, maybe for this I would suggest like 5% (for governance pools). It doesn’t have to be much, even a small amount is a great show.