DinoSwap (Retrying the Proposal)

Hey everyone! Previous thread: PTIP-20 DinoSwap Launch Partner "Extinction Pool" Farm - #2 by Ross_Geller

So, the proposal didn’t pass. Fair enough! Wanted to update everyone on our ecosystem via our twitter: https://twitter.com/DinoSwapHQ where you can see some of the things we discussed have been verified. Very shortly our lead investor will be announcing their support.

TL;DR - wanted to get your opinions and feedback on re-trying the proposal. We would love to have $POOL as a launch partner for our launch slated in early July. We see a huge value-add in terms of exposure for your community and increased liquidity for $POOL.

PS - we are doing an AMA with bZx: https://twitter.com/DinoSwapHQ/status/1407374400593313804?s=20 for the same purpose, and there will be overlapping/new information for those interested. Ty

Really appreciate it, thank you!