Creating a plan for how to use the treasury funds

There has been a lot of talk about POOL emissions, for yield farming, the POOL pool etc.

I think instead of talking about these things separately, we should make a plan on how much of the treasury we want to give out for these sorts of programs, and over what timeframe. When we know what our total budget is, we can decide on how to split the emissions between the different ways of distributing POOL to users.

Some relevant areas of treasury spending could be:

  • Yield farming/staking rewards
  • Gas budget for awarding prizes
  • Paying developers
  • Paying Staff
  • Marketing

If there are areas I missed, let me know.

One thing that I only realized today, is that we actually do want to get a significant amount of POOL into circulation, as this is what was assumed during the distribution of POOL to core team members and Pooltogether Inc. investors. Together they have 20% of the token supply. If for example 50% of all POOL would just stay in the treasury forever, that would put their share at 40% artificially.

Do you think roughly planning out a budget could make sense,
or shall we just take decisions as they come, without a specific bigger picture in mind?


I do not have any suggestions on actual distribution amounts at this time.

However I think it is very important we figure out details on the missed airdrop candidates that participated in a POD. Still requires some data gathering & calculation on actual cost before it can be put into action of course. Thread can be found here


I definitely think we should have some ballpark numbers on how to use the treasury funds. perhaps a good way to start is to create a poll that asks people to list your bullet points in order of importance to them. that might give us an idea of how much allocation each point deserves comparatively.