Building Larger Jackpots

First up, the biggest issue (that many others have covered) at the moment are high gas fees. I don’t foresee this going away and as such, it should be one of the highest priorities to solve. I will let smarter people than me work through that. However, until that occurs, I believe a way to offset the high gas fees is to increase the size (and consistency) of the jackpots.

How to increase the consistency of the prize pool?

For the time being, the incentive of ‘farming’ POOL tokens seems to be serving its purpose. However, I don’t believe this is a long term solution. What I propose is randomly selling off a percentage of the governed POOL tokens over a time period of (to be determined) to build up a ‘war chest’ of stable coins that are permanently deposited to ensure prize pools are always generated.

Additionally, there needs to be an incentive for people to keep their coins deposited. Unfortunately, I do not have a proposed solution to this other than multiplying an individuals ability to win the longer their coins are staked.

How to increase the size?

I somewhat covered this before, if a ‘war chest’ of stable coins is built up. There will always be a pool and there will (hopefully) always be interest.

To make the jackpots larger (and thus naturally create a lot more interest) I propose a portion of the governed POOL tokens are put up every week as part of the jackpot. For example, 5000 POOL tokens (~$200,000) every week would ensure interest. Now, obviously, the winners will probably want to dump that straight away. The potential solution to that problem is to pay it over a number of weeks or months.

Just a couple of thoughts, let me know what you think.

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I like the idea of offering pool with the jackpot. Currently the mining gives out 5k a day so the 5k paid out up front wouldn’t hugely affect the market. Although maybe spread the 5k over certain pools?

I’m still grappling with how these governance tokens will get valued long term. Can a governance token with no revenue model retain esteem and value in this weird world where cash flow returns is less and less attractive? Or will one day the market care about a revenue model? I sort of see pool as more than just a lottery platform; it has a treasury and governance and can act as a multi purpose DAO . I would like to see the treasury generate funds through fees at some point and build up a reserve in case the latter of my question is true; that the market will one day care about a revenue model.


Absolutely agree, the equivalent output for the week is 35k so 5k is very small though still a significant amount of money to entice people to participate. In turn this obviously generates larger prize pools from interest.

I believe at the moment, the value comes from the ability to control the distribution of over 200 millions of dollars of funds. With the right, long-termed focused people calling the shots, I think there can be some real value-added as lotteries are so successful in real life. Additionally, if we build up a ‘war chest’ of stable coins that the governance token can control and also skim some interest off, that provides value IMO.

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With the POOL rewards on deposits, the AuM has increased rapidly, translating into substantial prize pool already now. I dont consider adding POOL now to the prize pools as sensible. In general the idea isnt bad, but it’s right now not needed. It could be occasionally added after expiry of POOL rewards on deposits.

I opened a thread with another idea to create a jackpot, would be cool to get your input there: PoolTogether Jackpots


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We need a revenue model yesterday! A revenue generating system will further incentivize the liquidity mining event for POOL as it creates more value for the POOL token and will bring in more funds.