A Sustainable PoolTogether

This is the reason why, when we still had plenty of ETH in the V3 position, I asked to move it to a fullrange V3 or better to V2.

We are still in time: POL should be full range, price agnostic in order to work in any situations, like this.

V3 was more efficient no doubt, but V3 has a cost to pay and the cost is that eventually it depletes, while V2 is forever.

If $POOL price appreciate we will have more liquidity and more efficient swaps as a side effect even with just a well funded V2. We could use some funds we are saving each quarter to add to our POL V2.

And as I say here Revenues are not evil, we need to value $POOL more we need to give some love to $POOL: the fear of speculation is right but we cannot fight the speculation just by killing the token. We have to value the token more, liquidity will come as a side effect, visibility will come as a side effect, TVL and bigger prizes will come as a side effect.