Should POOL continue listing on MXC Exchange?

Hi All

POOL is currently listed in the assessment zone of MXC exchange and expiring in 4 days. MXC is now offering POOL to move to permanent listing under innovation zone. There will be a fee of about USD50 000 involved and the team will be able to do fresh marketing such as launchpool or AMA session for global communities to increase userbase. An overview of MXC exchange is as below:

MXC is top traded altcoin exchange in China with more than 4 million registered users and 50 000 daily active users. MXC has strong track record with many projects that listed with MXC producing more than 10x increase in value (see attached portfolio). MXC has also been features in many news channels including recommendation by Panony (PANews) because of strong track record in helping their clients

Launchpool- Similar to defi staking/mining, this activity pulls in about 5000 users on average per project.

AMA session- Reached out to about 300 000+ users within the MXC global community. The team will also be designing posters, banner etc. for marketing purposes on their social media platform.

Please vote your decision for listing. Cheers!

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No from me. Your loss if you don’t want the trading fees.

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