PTIP-25 POOL pool Boost and GUSD drip

I think these are all really good points and ideas. I just want to point out my strong support for changing the POOL drip to pPOOL as I believe this would significantly help incentivise the first goal of distributing POOL to those who are interested in controlling the protocol long term rather than simply claiming and selling. Not only does it reduce a lot of friction involved with compounding POOL for those with a long term mindset, it adds friction to the process of claiming and selling POOL for those with a short term mindset. Additionally, this could potentially encourage depositors of the POOL pool to get more involved in governance as their voting weight would be gradually increasing at no gas expense to them.


On Chain Vote: PoolTogether Governance
Snapshot Vote:https://snapshot.org/#/poolpool.pooltogether.eth/proposal/QmTK8z7vNYyKYfwMy5jrGxJE1Kke4gKQouRS1KKtfgLXT1

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I am accord. Because i thinlnthat investors won more.