Post-PoolyCon Survey Results

Post-PoolyCon Survey Results

A week after PoolyCon I distributed a post-PoolyCon survey via e-mail to all ticket holders and to the event’s Telegram group.

The survey received 15 responses. All replies to the questions were voluntary, still most respondents replied to all or at least most of the questions and ratings.

Please find the unfiltered responses below.

Overall rating: 4.87 / 5

What did you like most?

  • Quality and range of speakers. Relatively impromptu awards. Overall energy.
  • The high-level of speakers - like Zerion, Optimism, Coinbase, Bankless.
  • The vibes
  • I loved the love list of speakers with a variety of ones from pool together to ones that are just powerhouses.
  • Mix of presentations from pt team and outside but related
  • Zapper and Zerion, good presentations. Optimism also had a good talk explaining things in a good plain english way.
  • Seeing everyone in person
  • The vibe, friendliness of all the participants and choise of the guests
  • The speakers! And Tim for being an awesome host. Loved the way everything was structured
  • Interacting with everyone from the team was incredible!
  • The quality of speakers
  • The talks from Kelvin and Torgin
  • Great content, easily digestible for new poolers, high energy from speakers throughout the event kept the atmosphere welcoming to newcomers
  • Meeting everyone
  • Everything, but especially the community panel with Livster - she was awesome

Speakers = 4.87 / 5

Venue = 4.34

Program = 4.53

Guests = 4.67

What one thing would you change to make this event even better next time?

  • A stage for speakers. Higher quality presentations (bring the laggards up to the quality of some of the presenters)
  • More education and background on Pooly and how the community came together. Maybe I just missed that at the beginning though :slight_smile:
  • Have the hotel and venue at the same place.
  • Have this event happen in the middle or towards ends of ETHDenver
  • More time for questions
  • Schedule was a little hard to find on the site
  • nothing in my mind right now
  • Have more interactive activities!
  • It’s hard to criticize anything, team energy and event was top shelf. I am not particularly fond of Telegram - it gets to be crazy following a lot of threads. I felt like I missed out on somethings by not using Telegram. Additionally it was hard to log in at Eth Denver - no wifi - this was their fault - not Pooly - I don’t even know how to fix communications, but “fomo” was the only think I didn’t like.
  • Venue food options (that don’t break the bank)
  • Host it by a pool :beach_umbrella:
  • More merch
  • Session of interviews
  • Have a breakout session where people could jam on Poolython ideas. Perhaps attendees could submit ideas anonymously, people could pick teams by picking an idea, then the idea teams would form themselves (not sure if that makes sense. If it doesn’t, hi this is Livster, just ask)

Open Feedback: Please share anything that comes to mind!

  • Better food situation. Lunch! More free time to mingle. Single room keeps everyone tight and forces everyone to sort of listen to talks.
  • Honestly a pretty flawless event. Well done.
  • More speakers!
  • We could try to start think about getting a lot of sponsors and run a convention/conference like ETHDenver ourselves.
  • Tim as mc is legend/ Tony as guest maybe not anymore
  • Need to be near a pool. We don’t need to use it obv, but it’s POOLtogether after all
  • Please, keep it the atmosphere so natural and welcoming so everyone can be themselves as it was at your Poolycon at EthDenver! Great job!
  • I think it went smooooothly :slight_smile: only thing that could have been better I think was probably the marketing of the event. Possibly a bigger venue and more tickets available considering we sold out and people who couldn’t get tickets were showing up anyway! Also more interactive activities would have been cool too. Super excited already about the next PoolyCon. Great job Growth team!!
  • There is SO much going on at eth Denver, too much. I really liked having this event off site and before the main event. It allowed me to really enjoy my time with Team and Community.
  • The towels were a nice gift, but seem low-quality. If possible, I would rather see less merch of higher quality, even if it means it has to be given out through raffles or competitions.
  • Organize all presentations in a single poolycon folder to avoid searching between folders at moment of presenting
  • Can we have more time next time? Even two days?
  • Ily

All respondents stated they would join us again!

Ending notes

Thanks to all participants! Everyone who responded to the survey and left their wallet address can claim a POAP as a little sign of appreciation.

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the feedback or share your version of it. Let’s use all of this to continue to create great real-life experiences, together.


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