PoolTogether Custom VERSE Pool


By way of introduction, I am on the Business Development team at Bitcoin.com. We’d like to discuss a strategic partnership with PoolTogether in supporting a custom lossless prize pool that awards users in $VERSE.

$VERSE is Bitcoin.com’s ecosystem token. It provides utility and rewards to users of our products and services which include the multichain self-custodial Wallet, a decentralized exchange (Verse DEX), an award-winning news network, and more.

Please let us know your thoughts and considerations for this opportunity. We’re open to hearing your ideas on how we can make this a strong mutual beneficial partnership.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hey Ben!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

While something like this could be setup using the V3 contracts, I think it’d be a much better idea to wait until the hyperstructure is up and running (see here for more info on what we’re building: The PoolTogether Prize Savings Hyperstructure)

At that point, you could deploy a $VERSE pool in a completely permission-less manner, and have prizes setup to your liking. Usually prize pools work through some form of yield though - pretty much anything ERC-4626 compatible. Does $VERSE have something like that? Or are you envisioning it as a reward token for a prize pool comprised of another token?


Hi @Ncookie, apologies for the delay. Is there an expected timeframe of when the hyperstructure will be up and running?

Hopefully within the next 3 months.

Hi @Ncookie, hope you’re well. Are there any updates? It’d be great to continue the conversations.

Our latest update on V5 can be found here: V5 Development Update

We’ll be pumping out a ton more docs in the upcoming weeks to help everyone setup any vaults they’d like. My original comment still stands though - pretty much everything you’ll need is an ERC-4626 compatible yield source.

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Thank you. To confirm, regarding ERC-4626 compatible - do you mean the wallet being able to autodetect deposits in yield-bearing vaults or something else?