Nomination: underthesea


The question shouldn’t be why my nomination goes to @underthesea, but how comes underthesea isn’t a Community Advocate already.


Carrying PoolTogether with their skills in analysis, underthesea is always there to back a discussion with the underlying data to help make valuable decisions.

Usually underthesea is quick to respond to any request for help, nonetheless a sea turtle can’t be around all the time. With Pooly, underthesea’s newest addition to our stack of PoolTools, they’ve also got us covered for those occasions.

underthesea is relentlessly advocating for fairness, responsibility, decentralization, inclusion and empowerment and therefor clearly representing values that are most important to our community.


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Thanks for writing this up @Taliskye !

@underthesea you are an amazingly talented leader in the community! I’m very inspired by the way you just keep building and contributing value. I have to say I particularly love the Pooly bot and have found myself using it a LOT! Really happy to see all your contributions being recognized!