Nomination: Taliskye


If someone should be able to call their-self a Community Advocate, it should definitely be @Taliskye. Taliskye left his first message on the PoolTogether Discord in April 2020, when most of us didn’t even know what DeFi is.


We previously agreed that nominations should include at least 5 bullet points of previous contributions, but it’s absolutely unrealistic to stick to something even close to five when we’re talking about Taliskye. The commitment this individual person has shown to PoolTogether is immense, ongoing and absolutely proven.

Apart from that he’s all over the PoolTogether Discord and Reddit, helped with the Knowledge Base, the drafting of several grants & proposals, partnerships like Rabbithole & Sushiswap, he’s been idealizing & planning multiple projects.

Taliskye is always friendly, helpful, welcoming and wholehearted. The doc he recently shared says it all:

PoolTogether wouldn’t be as it is without him.


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Really appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness you bring to the PoolTogether community and the space more generally. You are a good person Taliskye!