LATOKEN listing via comarketing offer

Hello team! I hope you are well and safe.
My name is Abdulbosit Makhkamov. I am a growth managers lead at LATOKEN. I wanted to reach out to you because I’ve seen a good potential to increase the virality and the organic volume of your project. What I suggest is that we conduct co-marketing activities which will help you increase the number of token holders and organic volume.
It is our experience that with an airdrop or lottery you can reach up to 1 million users. Moreover, we can reach 100% more users by promoting the upcoming event with crypto influencers on Telegram and Twitter. We’ve also seen great traction by having a mandatory buying task in our airdrops and lotteries. You can see running campaigns on this link: Airdrops
I also suggest to launch an airdrop/lottery simultaneously with Staking. The key benefit of Staking is to force users to buy tokens with a decrease in the number of tokens in circulation and creating an excess of demand over supply. The users will lock their tokens in Staking. You can see running stakings at Staking | LATOKEN Exchange
Another thing that is really helpful in converting airdrop users to traders is trading competitions. So it will be very beneficial to your project if we launch a trading competition combined with an airdrop distribution and a staking, so that users participating in the trading competition can earn more rewards.
A trading competition can help you reach up to 20,000 traders during the competition period.

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