Hook's governance delegate pitch

Wayne | Hook | Fish

“For the Fish”

  • Fish is a term for small ticket holders; Whale is the term for large ticket holders

About Me: My name’s Wayne. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and working on my Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. I have 8 years in industry and have been in a managing position for the last 3 years. Aside from demonstrating that I am an educated and responsible adult with acute technical skills, these credentials do not necessarily qualify me as the best delegate. That’s why I think you should focus on my vision.

Vision: I believe that one day Pool Together could be the very first app that many people use when exploring the decentralized internet. Imagine a pool with even odds and nearly zeros transfer fees that was offered to anybody who creates a new wallet, an accessible pool that anybody with greater than $1 could participate in. I would like to be an advocate for the fish of Pool Together and promote changes which benefit the little guy.

Why are fish so important?

I don’t have to pull out the global wealth statistics for us to know that fish make up the majority of people in the world. Pool Together’s unique no-loss game provides the potential to change the life of many people around the world while also promoting healthy financial management habits. This app was developed by people who truly believed in that cause and I would like to help maintain it.

Potential Proposals/Actions:

  • P: Develop a batch transaction process which would reduce the cost of gas fees and make pools more accessible for little fish.
  • P: Push for a marketing campaign which promotes an extremely accessible pool for new wallet owners (Coinbase et al.).
  • A: Monitor and analyze Whale (and fish) activity to determine if there are any concerns which can be addressed through governance.
  • A: Listen to the voices of my delegates as well as the fish in the community to understand what should be the right proposals going forward.

Full Transparency: I am a firm advocate of full transparency, whether personal or professional setting. As I write this today I am still not a participating pool member of Pool Together . This is because I initially found the gas fees too intimidating relative to my little fish budget. However, I have purchased USDC and ETH on an exchange and plan to enter the pool as soon as those coins are released for transfer. I decided to eat the transactions fees to have a vested interest in a community that I feel has a lot of potential.

Challenges: As you may have already noticed, I have only a small amount of posts in the Pool Together governance forum and only a handful in the Pool Together Discord. I am also very new to the decentralized internet space. However, what I have found very promising about the Pool Together community is their ability to help each other and promote a positive environment. If I were to receive significant delegation and be allocated votes, I would take this role extremely serious and I would seek out mentorship from experienced community advocates and experts.

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions.

Sybil: 0xb9a28ce32dcA69AD25E17212bC6D3D753E795aAe


Thank you Hook! Very well written, super excited you are in this community.