Governance Pitch - John Palmer

This is a little bit more information about me, and why you might want to delegate your $POOL governance to me.


  • I have an educational background in computer science and applied math.
  • I’ve been a founder, engineer, and designer in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2017.
  • I founded a startup in the Ethereum space that went through Y Combinator in 2018.
  • I’ve worked closely with Leighton since before he launched PoolTogether, and have been a supporter since the early days.
  • More recently, I’ve tried to bring a unique perspective to everything happening in crypto, including funding models, digital objects, and social tokens.

My values

  • To keep PoolTogether focused on its core mission, not just token price or popularity.
  • To help PoolTogether grow in its goal, becoming a fair and responsible way for people all over the world to save their money.
  • To innovate on the core model of PoolTogether, someday adapting it to help fund open source projects, underprivileged people, and other groups.

Choosing me as your delegate

If you’d like to choose me as your delegate, please go to Sybil and delegate your POOL to my address 0xB0623C91c65621df716aB8aFE5f66656B21A9108

You can also follow me on Twitter at @john_c_palmer. Feel free to DM me with any questions!