Develop "No-Loss subscribe "( Free Subscribe) modules on Lens Protocol (AAVE's Web3 social media platform)

Imagine all web 3.0 social media have “No-Loss Subscribe” feature on it. The idea is building a PoolTogether delegation modules on Lens Protocol.

Aave launches Web3 social media platform, Lens Protocol. It have Plugin feature and Modularity of assembly.

  • Lens is more like a back-end that other social media products can be built on. So if we build PoolTogether delegation modules in Lens Protocol. We might see other web 3.0 social media integrate this modules. This will increase the users and the visibility on the social media.

  • $250,000 launch grant to build on Lens

  • there are 18.6K user in Lens discord, it will be great to be shown in ecosystem category

  • image

Conclusion, delegate feature is super powerful. Web 3.0 and Social fi might be Key words of 2022, just like the PoolTogether Valentines NFTs events(late 2021 is full of NFTs). Key words could attract lots of attention, and could create a big news / huge success with relatively small input.

Github: GitHub - aave/lens-protocol: The Lens Protocol
Open Letter: Lens Protocol
Mirror: Lens Protocol
Testnet addresses: Deployed Contract Addresses


I saw the Lens announcement, and I do think it’s worth evaluating. I don’t know enough about it yet to have a strong opinion, though.


If I’m understanding this correctly, I’m all for this, this is one of the many unlocks of PoolTogether.

Are you saying that we create a delegation layer on top of this social media product, where others can deposit and delegate to those using Lens. In other words if someone like Kris Kay uses Lens, another user could delegate to that creator and support them?


In my understanding, Lens is back-end product and modules. Lens protocol make building social media easier. So if other social media implement “No-Loss Subscribe” modules, this idea would be achieve.