[Delegation] TangFeng

My name is TangFeng, where pretty much everyone just calls me Tang. My first dapp since getting back into crypto mid 2020 was the PoolTogether integration in Argent.

As part of the Decentralized Governance Hackathon, I started looking at joining a DAO, so naturally I looked at Pooltogether since that one of the protocols I am more interested in.

Some background for me

  • While I have missed some of the weekly PoolTogether calls, I am active in the ones I do participate in. You can see the ones I have actively participated in here

  • Last month I made this forum post to discuss the possibility of making a charity pool where a portion (or all) of the winnings would go to a charity voted by the ticket holders or default to gitcoin. This was semi-introduced as an unofficial prize pool where 50% of the winnings go to Gitcoin Public Good funding matching pool.

  • I am attempting to join the Boardroom Scribe Program, who’s main job will be to do weekly updates on protocols of their choosing, so I plan to do text summaries of the weekly community calls. You can see an example of what I did during yesterdays community call here

  • I am computer science major

  • EST Timezone

  • My ENS is tangfeng.eth, my twitter, my discord is TangFeng#0239

If you choose to delegate to me, you can do that here


Honored to have you as part of the community!