I recently announced myself as a Pooltogether governance delegate.
Here I want to tell you why I’m well equipped to represent you in governance.


  • I have a proven track record on this forum and on the Discord.
  • I am arguably the most active member of the entire forum. According to the user statistics (PoolTogether), I’ve received the second most likes on posts (after @leighton), spent the most time on it in total, and read the most posts. I was granted the “new user of the month” badge when I joined.
  • I have a background in Computer Science which means I have a good understanding of probability and statistics, aswell as being able to judge whether something is feasible from a technical perspective.
  • I’ve been an active member of the community since the beginning of v3. I know how everything works, including the inner workings of the smart contracts.
  • I have answered the questions of hundreds of users on the Discord. I know what problems they have and how the protocol could be improved for them.
  • @leighton has endorsed me as “a great delegate”.

My core values are:

  • To always make rational decisions based on facts.
  • To make the protocol fair to everyone.
  • To lower gas costs in order to allow more people to use Pooltogether.
  • To promote sustainable long-term growth of the protocol.
  • Not to spend governance funds on useless things.

I plan to continue spending a lot of my time on Pooltogether governance and helping new users out in the future. I do this on a purely voluntary basis. I have never gotten paid for any of this.

Update: I am now the PoolGrants committee co-lead, which is a paid position.

I strongly encourage you to read through my past forum posts and see how I’ve added to governance discussions so far!

If I was able to convince you to choose me as your delegate, please go to https://sybil.org/#/delegates/pool/0xC8f88b4aeF57Ac93FE41390194C3A4d77d7df744 and delegate your POOL to my address.
You can also follow me on my brand new Twitter account https://twitter.com/MTorgin

If you have any questions, let me know!

Edit: I just hit 10k delegated votes, meaning I can now start proposals!
Thank you everyone for your support.

I am paying the gas fees for voting out of pocket. If you would like to donate to help cover costs, send ETH to 0xC8f88b4aeF57Ac93FE41390194C3A4d77d7df744


Hi! I’m new to this and this is my first message!

Torgin has been very helpful and supportive in my onboarding as a new member of the community. He is very rational and supportive and only has the best interest of PoolTogether in mind. He truly deserves your government delegation!


Hi Torgin,
I have not yet decided if I will participate in governance or delegate. I noticed you are very helpful and welcoming on the discord. How big of a priority is it for you to get the platform generating some revenue that could later be used to help strengthen the platform and/or create token value by having rewards shared by POOL token holders?
Thanks, Tuna

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@TheRealTuna I think it is important to capture the value generated on Pooltogether.
I think a value capture for POOL in the realm of 0.5-3% long-term could make a lot of sense.

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Previous comment withdrawn after communicating with [Valentin] directly. Issue is with the poor choice of timing of the additional token proposal not with the individual delegate.

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Hi Torgin.

I am looking to delegate my votes. I think the PoolTogther idea and platform is fantastic. I am hoping to increase my technical knowledge of the platform over time, in the mean time I think it makes sense to delegate my votes over to someone I think has the best interest of the platform in mind. I have a few basic questions:

  1. When I go to the link you have provided it states that my votes are inactive, how do I active them?

  2. Let´s I assign my votes to you but some time in the future, I would like to delegate my votes to some else, is this possible?

Thank you

Hi Zac, that sounds like a good plan. To your questions:

  1. “Activating” your votes just means delegating to someone. Use the “delegate” button on Sybil to do this.
  2. Yes, you can change your delegation at any time, but you will have to pay the gas fee for delegating again.

@Torgin is absolutely one of the most valuable members of this community and a thoughtful delegate.