Delegate pitch - RegisIsland

I would like to become a PoolTogether delegate. I am a simple pleb who enjoys spending all their time on crytpo twitter, discord, and researching crypto in general. I am a small fish, and I would like to represent those other small fish out there. Being a part of the PT discord over the past months has been the most enjoyable aspect of my involvement in the crypto community. The PT community is very welcoming and kind. Disagreements in the group are typically professional and productive. I want to continue this culture of respectful debate in order to ensure all potential proposal outcomes are considered.

My long-term vision of the project is organic growth, and rewards for all users regardless of deposit size. I understand the need for whales in both aspects. Right now, during the liquidity mining phase we have seen exponential growth in prize pool sizes. We have the option to extend that mining period to maintain the size of the pools via whale participation. Hopefully in that time gas fees will be reduced to encourage smaller players and far more people will be aware of the protocol. However, long term I believe that we must find a way to retain players. The prizes are amazing if you win, but the odds of a small fish winning are not great. A small fish is faced with the opportunity cost decision. Is that 100 or 200 dollars worth entering into the pool or investing elsewhere. I believe that we can accomplish pools that pay interest to every player, and still reward a sizeable prize to winners. Both whales and small fish will have an incentive besides the prize, and temporary liquidity mining to keep their funds in a pool. I understand gas fees are currently prohibitive but, I believe the developers of the protocol can make this work in the future. This is my main focus. Long term sustainable growth post liquidity mining.

My most valuable asset is my propensity to ask questions. I am not afraid to ask questions until I understand a concept. I am ok with not being the smart one in the room. I also believe that by forcing a person, or another delegate to simplify a concept it helps that person understand the concept even better themselves. Asking questions can also uncover potential problems that someone may not have considered. When something is complex, I will ask questions until we get to the root of the proposal. I believe this will help everyone understand in a simple way the impact of a proposal on PT depositors.

I am not a developer. I have taken some basic Java courses, and discovered that is not where my abilities shine. I am the Director of Purchasing at and industrial materials distributor. I have traditional business experience, and I am constantly working with others and negotiating in my profession. I believe it is important to have some delegates that are not devs. The majority of players are not developers and they need someone to represent them.

I humbly ask for your votes, and I promise to vote in the best interest of the growth of the PoolTogether project.




Please add your sybil link: I think this is you?