Delegate Pitch - OverAnalyser

Hi all,

I would like to solicit token delegation for PoolTogether.

I’m a big advocate of passive, low risk, low gas strategies. I have a preference for such approaches and have been using them myself for a while.

I’ve been active in DeFi since last summer (Ether holder since 2017). I got sucked into becoming more active in communities in late 2020 and I spend most of my free time in the INDEXcoop thinking about onchain Crypto funds - I’m the community lead on $DPI and have been working on intrinsic productivity, applying for $DPI to be added as a MakerDAO vault and a few other things.

I’m also active in INVerse finance, and xtoken communities which allows me to bring some learning from other DAO’s to the Pool.

My background is in the physical sciences and I still have a day job that has become a combination of technical expert and management (I prefer the technical parts).

I enjoy digging into data and like to understand what I’m looking at (Mainly spreadsheet analysis and some simple dune queries) and I like to share my insights in my blog https://overanalyser.substack.com/

I spend too much time on crypto Twitter, but I’ve found it invaluable for keeping an eye on that’s developing. https://twitter.com/AnalyserOver

I do have an ulterior motive for becoming a delegate as I want to get the $DPI community pool added to the main roster of Pools so we can encourage more people to hold $DPI long term.

However, as I say, I’m a big believer of the advantages of simple, low cost ways for people to enjoy the benefits of DeFi and I like to encourage others to invest in things they understand.

If you would like to delegate to me, please got sybil.org and delegate your votes: Sybil

Thank you


Glad you are jumping in! Great pitch!

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