Hey all, my name is gabor and have been around with PT for a while now, with ever increasing enthusiasm. I am offering my service as a delegate based on my strong interest in the continued development of the protocol.


  • One of the European time-zone helpers on Discord with a strong intrinsic motivation to make PT attractive and available to a broad audience.
  • Have done the German translation of PT (and continue to update it)
  • Proactively kicked off the charitable PT Christmas Card project; self-funded the professional design&print of the cards which generated a 1000$ donation to an animal rescue foundation in Eastern Europe and made it possible to gift DeFi for Christmas.
  • Strong background in finance, business and management, working on critical key decisions on daily basis and able to contribute to governance proposals and discussions with commercial viewpoints and inspiration
  • Given the finance “DNA”, you will find me on various other DeFi discords. Other than that I have been supporting NFT artists and try to build up a decent collection of items I find beautiful :blush:

Like @Torgin I already use a reasonable share of time and attention to try to make PoolTogether better and bigger and I have lots of ideas I want to bring up in the future. Votes can be delegated to 0xgabor.eth

My interests and ideas can be reviewed in the two submitted governance proposals:


Thanks for writing this up Gabor, you are an incredibly valuable member of the community and your generosity is inspiring!

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Agreed. @gabor has my small POOL of tokens delegated.


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Love all the work you’ve been doing. Big up.