[DELEGATE PITCH] Brian Flynn from RabbitHole

Hey all, my name is Brian Flynn and I’m the CEO and co-founder of RabbitHole. I’ve been working in the space for a few years, first at Republic which lets any retail investor invest in private startups and Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. I’ve spent years writing about the intersection of crypto and web3, and have got to know the PoolTogether team well over the past year.

At RabbitHole, we’re on a mission to increase participation in networks just like PoolTogether by trying to convert speculators. We believe there’s a better way to create sustainable networks, and we’ve learned a bunch since the start.

I believe PoolTogether is a core building block that should be used by developers across various applications to engage users, and it’s paramount that we find a way to grow the community and incentivize core contributors to push the network forward, not just increase the amount of the TVL in the Pool for higher prizes.

Decentralized networks on Ethereum are at a standstill across the board, piling up huge treasuries that go unused which makes it difficult to attract core contributors and participants.

A delegate vote for me is one in which core contributors are properly incentivized for their contributors, while crafting incentive programs to bring a whole new wave of participants in the ecosystem that can push the protocol forward. We must be constantly learning from other protocols to find the right models and templates to advance forward, and be tightly integrated with the rest of the ecosystem. We must not be isolated from the rest of the crypto ecosystem, we must have a cohesive voice in other communities why gamified savings is better than other lending alternatives.

I’ve already started working on a proposal to use RabbitHole to attract more participants to the protocol which will get $POOL tokens in the hands of more users who are actively using the product. You can view the proposal here.

You can delegate to me on Sybil here.