Hi, I am seeking assistance to get 10,000 delegated votes to be able to get a few proposals to vote when the timing is right over the next 90 days. Currently:

  • Working on getting other projects to build on the no-loss prize pools to create additional value for their token holders which will in-turn bring awareness/value to PoolTogether.

  • Working on pitching to other teams/projects benefits for incentivised POOL/ETH, POOL/? adding more depth, awareness and creating an additional utility to POOL holders.

  • Working to bring in additional prizes in the form of NFTs (memberships, artworks etc) to the Loot Boxes.

I have purchased approx 2000 of my Pooltogether tokens for the average price of $30 each. I have skin in the game and looking at this over the next few years.

While I am working out what to have for breakfast, Lord 0xMaki is working on a new financial system. Gabor and a few other community managers has some super cool creative ideas / value-adds down the line. The core team are great and looking at this pragmatically with a tonne of experience and technical know-how. The community members like chriscrypto are all very enthusiastic. This project has so much going for it. L2 and mass adoption is coming and I would like to assist in making sure I can contribute my part to Pooltogether in a meaningful way.

If any delegate puts forward proposals that are for the benefit long-term POOL token holders I will take the time to engage and support it with these votes. I plan to stay active and dedicate time to governance. I am requesting additional votes to allow me to reach the necessary 10,000 to get the ball rolling. Will revisit this post today in 90 days time with breakdown of achieves.

Best case scenario: votes go to great use, worst case scenario: Seppuku for me.