ANOTHER Delegate Pitch- Andy Kaufman

Why hello there boys, girls and others!

Andy brings to the table a variety of reasons why you could let him represent your interests in the POOL community & protocol!

Why should we pick you Andy?

Well let’s dive on in!

I’ve been using Pool Together since early January of 2020 and have actively participated in snapshot proposal votes!

In short I’ve been part of the crypto community since early 2017 and have been an active participant in a variety of projects, seen some crash and burn, others succeed. I am quite selective when it comes to what communities I take part in as I prefer to focus on a few high quality projects over a bunch of others.

I do love to jest and bring some comedy to the crypto scene but when it’s time to focus I get serious! I can not stand misinformation and rely heavily on educating users first!

What are some of those projects/communities (come find my activity in their discords!)?

  • FunFair
  • Compound
  • BadgerDAO
  • StakeDAO
  • Axie Infinity also run a scholarship program
  • EthStaker
  • r/Ethfinance avid lurker
  • Uniswap
  • MIR Protocol
  • Gods Unchained

It would appear that I am not as active in PoolTogether but that’s quite the opposite, I’m currently in the learning phase to catch up on what has changed in the last 2 months!

Okay so you are just another guy asking for my vote, why do I care?

Well to start I have been pushing more users to delegate their votes to themselves (or others) by reimbursing 50-100% of their gas fees! None of these folks delegated to myself, nor did I offer them to! I simply wanted to get governance rolling!

Here is one of my recent questions for the team (During our community call today) to show why Andy is a top tier pick!

as per signaling of pool holders that have their votes delegated, is there potential for snapshots to breakdown each delegates peoples interests they represent? That way a delegator can get an understanding of what their contributors have an interest in to make informed governance decisions/votes?

I’m looking to add to the usage of POOL and tokenomics as a whole!

Hmm okay you seem okay, tell me a joke though and we will see how it goes

Andy doesn’t joke! :open_mouth:

Andy is advocated by 2/2 Andy’s

You can find me here!


Really appreciate your generosity to offer part reimbursement and like the ideas you express. Looking forward to grow PoolTogether together with you.


Great pitch Andy. I follow many of the same communities as you. I have decided to participate in governance otherwise you would be my definite choice.

What I see as the biggest priority for the platform is to start collecting revenue from the pools and investing it. We can figure out how to use that revenue to improve the platform and reward holders later. Another priority is extending and/or enhancing the liquidity mining event. POOL pool will be nice as well.

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Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Will be looking forward to what proposals the community can come up with to run the protocol in an efficient and fair manner!

@AndyKaufman is definitely a comminuted part of this community and constantly contributing to the protocol!

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Oh yeah thought I’d update.

So with the recent POOL Pool allowing snapshot voting AND a prize pool, poor ole Andy seems to have lost about 90% of his votes! But that’s okay because now those folks can vote for themselves and get a chance to win each week!

I have still been commited to on chain votes even with just the 60 or so delegated votes. As I said I care about the little fish and I will keep spending the gas to make those votes count <3

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