Adding a daily "check-in" feature to the App

It might help with engagement/growth to add a daily “check-in” feature where users can gain something from returning to the app on a daily basis.

There are lots of possibilities for rewards:

  1. Potential to win 1 ticket per day. Max 1 per user per day. Max cost is 7 DAI for the pool.
  2. Require check-in to earn maximum % APR. Eg. 2.6% is earned instead of 3.6% unless user checks in every day.
  3. Add additional “chance” based on check in. Chances could be tickets + check-ins. A larger benefit for smaller players than whales.

Other benefits:

  1. Visits to the site could be monetized by adding Ads that could add revenue to the team or prize. Maybe with BAT added to the prize pool.

I like this idea! We had talked at one point about having “streaks” too and awarding people for adding more to the pool each week.

I totally agree, we need more engagement points than just the weekly prize that goes to the (now three winners).

The other idea here is we could launch another prize pool that has a daily winner. :thinking:


I can see how this would help with engagement but not with growth.

The main question being: why do we want more engagement from users? Which actions on the protocol do we want our users to perform after coming back to PoolTogether?

Daily checkin seems a bit much, for example Coingecko does this with their jar of candies and it’s kinda engaging at first but then it starts to feel like a chore and you forget about it pretty quickly.

So instead of checkins, maybe it would be more interesting to do something like Coinbase earn. Teach people about a subject and reward them after they’ve learned about it by completing a quizz.

For example, this could be a great way to introduce a new USDC Pool. We teach people about USDC and reward them with a few tickets after they’ve answered a little quiz. If they want to win more tickets, they can share their referral with a few friends. Each time a friend join PoolTogether, we reward our user with a couple tickets, up to 5 people invited.


The theory would be that “check-in” would bring them back to engage with the system, they win something, maybe reinvest those winnings (high gas prices aside, which is a big problem), talk about it with their friends, refer their friends, etc.

Best case scenario is: Engagement should relate to more money into the system… bigger prizes, more users.

Of course this is just 1 tool. It doesn’t mean it will happen. But, like referrals, like a good UX, like a good community, each tool should help.

I think the coinbase earn idea is a great idea too. But I think you could add it on top. Thinking about features in games you have “daily check-in” but you also have things like “daily challenges” or “weekly challenges”… again to keep your users coming back. Engage the user, they come back more, they inject more money in the system… bring their friends, etc.

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“The main question being: why do we want more engagement from users? Which actions on the protocol do we want our users to perform after coming back to PoolTogether?”

This is a good point, we aren’t just looking for engagement for the sake of engagement!

My main assumption here is that for small depositors PoolTogether gets boring after a few weeks. They don’t have a high chance to win and the deposit rewards aren’t enough to motivate behavior. So if we could either 1) give out more prizes that are much smaller or 2) somehow reward people for long term deposits by giving a higher and higher chance to win, that would help with growth.

I love the idea of USDC pool! I think getting both USDC and Tether launched is quite important!

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Majority of poeple need 0 contact with other humans. Being able to be whoever I want to be online and being awarded for logging into an app I like is more encouraging if i am receiving 20 bat or 0.00000010 bitcoin or even 1.0 Tezos makes me want more so now I hang around that site and as long as it is legit i become a Supporter of that site and the coins they like and trade. IMO

But then you have a few hundred beginners in crypto that only come to that website for the free tokens. If there was a short commit period to become eligible to receive. (Free or Bonus) coin for consecutive days of login and stay x amount of time. Sounds Good To Me and I have an idea i need advice on…

If we pool together daily but end up with same people daily would get boring and non attractive very fast. Need a lottery that picks poolers teams.


Daily prize winner would be cool, ‘streaks’ also great (I can’t help myself to collect those damn Gecko Candies). Rewarding people for adding more to the pool each week I never thought of and once L2 comes along easier to do. Would be great to somehow add like a BrightID way to verify one wallet per user and the rewards only work when the same $$ value is matched each week. That way user are equally rewarded with no price discrimination if they can only add $5 each week or $5000 each week.