About the Community Advocate Nominations category

This is a category for Community Advocate nominations.

Nominating someone as a Community Advocate

  • Only existing community advocates can nominate new ones
  • Nominations are done by posting a “Nomination: ” on gov.pooltogether.com
  • The nomination should be used as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate past contributions of the nominees
  • Nomination should include at least 5 bullet points of specific things being recognized (make it fun)
  • The post should include a poll to approve or disprove nomination

What is the role?

The Community Advocate role is a status role for the most active and dedicated members of the PoolTogether DAO. It is not compensated and does not require any formal responsibilities. The role is meant as an official designation of people who are already recognized as helping the community.

Community Advocates are trusted members of the PoolTogether community that are willing to define, and contribute to, the community’s values, mission & vision. They help to align those with our community’s wants and feedback and ensure we maintain a wholesome and healthy vibe.

Community Advocates are equipped with server moderator permissions to be able to pursue their duties in helping the community.

The role purely acts as a status incentive and does not come with financial benefits.